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This unique Spanish course explores the pressing social justice issues facing Bolivia. A three-week intensive Spanish Language course focused on Bolivia’s classic political issues. Includes weekly presentations by knowledgeable guests, home stay with a Bolivian family, in-the-field interviews, and ends with a four-day tour of the Salar de Uyuni.

Our classroom is located in Cochabamba where workers, campesinos, and residents rebelled to reject water privatization in 2000. This course is open to all levels and can be taken for credit. Minimum 6 students.

DATES July 5 to July 29th 2015

We believe it is through language that you learn about Bolivia and the realities, contradictions and challenges facing her people. To that end we offer this multi-level course that explores the complex cultural fabric that comprises Bolivia. Each week we will explore differing facets of the Bolivian concept of “vivir bien” a philosophical premise related to indigenous views of interrelationships with nature which extend to socioeconomic and cultural practices. Participants will find that the concept of “vivir bien” resonants for them in many issues facing their own countries such as climate change and sustainability. Themes will be introduced and explored through activities such as guest lectures, in-the-field interviews, readings, debates and group discussions.

Classes are from 8:30 to 12 pm Monday through Friday with afternoon activities two days a week. Students will take two tests to determine their level: The ACTFL oral proficiency exam and a written exam. The results of these tests will be used to form groups of no more than 4 students with the same level of proficiency. During the course adjustments and modifications will be made in order to meet the interests and priorities of students. As much as possible instructors will attend to the individual requirements of the students in order to meet the course objectives.

The objectives are to: Encourage and promote spontaneous oral production of Spanish Support the student’s immersion in the Bolivian culture and assimilation through readings, lectures and field visits Promote the use of communication skills in everyday situations and research interviews Develop ability to understand Spanish Deepen knowledge of grammar for the proper and consistent use of tenses and modes

Course Requirements During the course there will be regular, systematic and consistent assessments. At the end of the course students will make an oral presentation on one of the topics covered during the course and write a short essay. The course focuses on the speaking component of the language but it does not neglect the written portion. By the end of the course each students will achieve a breakthrough in their speaking of the language.

We require: Active participation in all of the classes and activities Completion of assigned tasks Oral and written exam at the end of the course Use of Spanish in all contexts and situations

Program Schedule

Using social justice issues as our mainstay, the classes offer a varied methodology. Grammar classes Conversation Classes Lectures: 1 per week Field interviews according to themes Home stays End of course trip to Salar de Uyuni

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